Huberts’ Food

Older people develop special nutritional requirements and acquire dietary habits that put them at increased risk of various nutritional deficits. Aging and nutritional decays act in conjunction with diseases, medications, and economic constraints to diminish overall health in elderly patients. A healthy diet in combination with physical exercise can limit age-related muscle decline and help retain optimal muscle function, with a key role for dietary protein. Also in the event of illness, dialysis, cancer or major surgery, protein is the most important nutrient for recovery.

The physiological changes that occur with ageing and recovery that can impair appetite include changes to the digestive system, hormonal changes, disease, pain, changes to the sense of smell, taste and vision and a decreased need for energy. 

At Huberts’ Food we create the most tasty protein enriched ice-cream in the market, especially for those who need it the most; Enjoy and feel good!

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